Site Under Construction — And What Is This Place, Anyway?

Apartment Champagne was created with one idea: why should interior decorating be for the older people? With dorms, apartments, and condos, we young adults would like to try our hand at decorating the homes we live in, too. However, as a fellow 20 year old who’s seen plenty of her friends’ living rooms and bedrooms — with walls decorated by taped on art elective projects that belonged on fridges and navy, green comforters passed down from their parents’ tastes — it seems that the up and coming Millennials of America have faced an epidemic of decorating magazines and blogs that cater mostly to families with three kids and a suburban home (beyond the few dorm room DIY hacks on cardboard headboards).

You’re living in a place that will hold cherished memories: of college, your friends, that boy in Russian class you fell in love with and decided to marry…and that time your Mom visited and nearly fainted because she realized you did know how to do laundry. It will also be what you come home to after a long, hard day at work or at school.

It’s your home, and you should decorate it accordingly, to your tastes and styles. That’s what Apartment Champagne is for: read over these posts for stories, advice, and fun quizzes that’ll help you figure out what you love, and how to integrate it into your living space. This blog will be written mainly by young adults that have experienced the same trials and apartment disasters you have, from roommates who fight over the thermostat, to terrible dorm floors, to first floor windows that look out to a sidewalk. Bottom line: this blog is for you.

I’ll be working on this site over the next month, writing out the content and finalizing layout designs, so check back by the end of November to fully enjoy all our new content!


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