Apartment 9 and 3/4: Decorating Harry Potter Style With Pottery Barn


Apartment Champagne: Apartment 9 and 3/4 Series
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The Details:

  • The winged bench adds a classy air to the PB Teen Harry Potter collection as the base of the decor. The rolled arms display the pillows well, while the off-white color contrasts with the deep blue to show them off and create a dreamier feel. Buy from Pier One here or keep an eye out in antique shops and chain stores like Home Goods and Ross for a similar look.
  • PB Teen: Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Pillow (here)
  • PB Teen: Harry Potter Expecto Pratonum Pillow Cover (here)
  • The round accent side table was chosen based on the look of Dumbledore’s office, with a shade that fits into the cream color scheme. Buy here from Home Depot, or search for your own favorite. Keep in mind that the legs of your bench and side table should have a similar design, otherwise the decor will clash.
  • PB Teen: Harry Potter Hedwig Jewelry Cage (here). This stand is designed to hold jewelry, so mix up the casual and elegant vibes by adding your favorite necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Finish off with a Harry Potter decorative piece laid on the table: a time turner necklace, or Salazar Slytherin’s horcrux.
  • Slytherin’s Locket: Buy from Hot Topic here or look for your own favorite replica. If you’re more of a morally straight witch/wizard at heart, then trade it for a respectable time turner necklace (like I mentioned above). Stage the piece by laying it in the front corner of the table as if it’s actually been worn before.
  • Add a stack of old-looking books as a filler item. It looks nice, and adds to the amount of decor on your table to prevent it from feeling bare. Since a stack of books are just as likely to be found in the Hogwarts headmaster’s office as they are in your own house, the piece also acts as a bridge between the fantastical element and the everyday element of your decorations. Buy as a book box here, so it can function as a useful storage place or a phone charger station, or look for your own.
  • PB Teen: Harry Potter Flameless Wax Candle (here)

*Check out PBTeen’s new Harry Potter store for the entire collection here*

Blogger’s Note

I will be posting more interior design models/pins like this one in the future, so stay tuned! This is also the beginning of the “Apartment 9 and 3/4 Series”, so rest assured there will be more Harry Potter posts among them. If you have a favorite show or novel, let me know in the comments and I’ll do a model based off of it. And if you like, don’t forget to pin below!




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